What an exciting day - Ph.D. thesis defense!

Today I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis

Posted by Moritz on April 22, 2022

Presentation Title

Today I finally defended my dissertation entitled:

Unraveling the Phenomenon of Blockchain Innovation: Five Studies on Blockchain’s Role for Economic and Sustainable Development

I am extremly excited! It was very challenging to squeeze five years of research into only 30 minutes, but I really enjoyed the discussions following the presentation. I was thrilled that so many of my colleagues and family who showed up to watch and celebrate with me afterwards, it certainly made me more nervous though. After the presentation and discussion, the reviewers discussed the final grade (the presentation and the actual thesis are graded separately) and after only five minutes, the result of magna cum laude was proclaimed.

I am very grateful for the guidance and support of my thesis committee: Professors Nir Kshetri, University of North Carolina, Timm Teubner, Technical University of Berlin, and Knut Blind, Technical University of Berlin/Fraunhofer ISI. Special thanks to Knut for the persistent professional and emotional support in the previous years.

Thanks y’all! I cannot list everyone who supported me over the last years, but I wrote three pages of acknowledgements in my thesis - There have been so many great people!