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New publication in the Journal of the Knowledge Economy

Measuring Innovation in Mauritius’ ICT Sector Using Unsupervised Machine Learning: A Web Mining and Topic Modeling Approach

New publication in Empirica - Journal of European Economics

The trade effects of product market regulation in global value chains: evidence from OECD and BRICS countries between 2000 and 2015

New publication in Technological Forecasting and Social Change

Exploring blockchain-based innovations for economic and sustainable development in the global south: A mixed-method approach based on web mining and topic modeling


Digital Teaching and Science Communication

Creating Scientific Podcasts in Master courses

New publication in the Journal Business Strategy and the Environment

Blockchain for the circular economy: Theorizing blockchain's role in the transition to a circular economy through an empirical investigation

What an exciting day - Ph.D. thesis defense!

Today I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis


Inductive, Deductive, and Abductive Reasong in Academic Research

Know the differences